Automotive Parts With Casting Technology

Automotive Parts With Casting Technology

Casting is the most important part in machinery industry, with the rapid growth of the machinery industry, casting industry must be pulled simultaneous development.

Shift in the global automotive parts market, China is becoming the emerging automotive kingdom for the casting industry to provide good business opportunities and skills.

With the higher requirement of chassis castings in material performance, appearance quality, internal quality, casting structure and etc. Casting factories also

put forward higher requirements to casting material, composition control and material properties.

Here are two products that we made for automotive parts:

Product Name:  Structure of automotive chassis

Application:  Automotive parts with casting technology

Material: Cast steel

Weight: 0.4kg, 0.6kg

Productivity: 5000-10000 set/month

Main production equipment: Wax injection, CNC-machine, machine-center, heat treatment furnace

Process: Water glass

Lead time: 30-40 days

Items: FOB ningbo or shanghai, CIF ***, transportation by sea

Packaging: Wooden package after mandatory treatment or other