Machining BY CNC

Ningbo Yinzhou Fuchun Precision Casting Co., Ltd is not only casting factory, our machining capability is very strong, with a whole line of boring, milling and drilling lathes, 20 CNC lathes, 4 Vertical machining center and 1 horizontal machining centre, and related metallurgical machinery.
We can machining all kinds raw material parts,same as iron casting parts, grey iron casting parts, ductile casting parts, forging parts, profile bar and so on.Following is our machining precision:

Flatness (mm)Parallelism (mm)Symmetry (mm)Perpendicularity (mm) Circular runout (mm)
Precision of our NC / CNC milling machines0.
Precision of our NC / CNC turning machines0.0250.020.020.02/2000.015