High Pressure Moulding

High pressure moulding

High pressure moulding has a character of high productive rate,high precision for dimension of casting parts and great quality of surface.Meanwhile,sand mould with high compaction and strength has little risk of caving by vibration or impact,which leads to decrease casting defects.For those large sand moulds, inner box size for instance, 800mm*600mm or bigger, which is convenient for moulding and shakeout.As a result, high pressure moulding is widely used now,especiailly in casting warehouse with mass production,usually in high pressure moulding. In industrial developed country,high pressure moulding has already instead of general squeezing moulding.

Generally,high pressure moulding use multiple contact high pressure moulding machine,in order to homogenized the sand compaction.With the development of mould equipments,multiple head pressure adjust itself by various casting parts,which could earn different sand compaction in one sand mould.

All in all, high pressure moulding is widely spread and used in production with high compaction and complicated casting parts.