Die Casting Wall Thickness Design Requires

Die casting wall thickness design requires

It is very important of die casting wall thickness design requires. Die casting wall thickness is key factor during die casting process, for example the calculation of dissolved material filling time、the calculation of the solidification time、the analysis of the mold temperature gradient、Pressure (final pressure) affect、how long you leave mode、die casting ejection temperature and operation efficiency and so on,above factors will be directly to effect die casting wall thickness。
Notice following requires:
1.If die casting wall thickness is too thick, it will cause mechanical properties decreased obviously, thin-wall die casting parts have better sealing, improve die casting strength and resistance to pressure;
2.If die casting wall thickness too thin, it will cause aluminium alloy solution filling worst, it is difficult to molding, make bad welding aluminum alloy solution, and brings to the die casting technology difficulties;
3.Die casting parts with the increase of wall thickness, the internal defects such as blow hole, shrinkage cavity also will increase;
4.Try to keep the sectional thickness uniform wall thickness.